Many Indian Airlines increased Prices of it’s Flight Tickets (see why?)

The domestic airfare scenario in the country has witnessed a sharp increase on specific routes, with prices soaring for popular destinations such as Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kochi.

This surge can be attributed to the absence of GoFirst, coupled with untimely thunderstorms that have resulted in flight diversions.

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In this article,

we will explore the impact of these factors on ticket prices and analyze the fluctuations in domestic airfares.

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Delhi-Mumbai Rising Ticket Prices

Passengers making 24-hour advance bookings for air tickets from Delhi to Mumbai are facing higher costs compared to those booking for Delhi-Dubai.

he report from The Times of India (TOI) highlights that the cheapest one-way ticket option from Delhi to Mumbai was priced at Rs 19,000, while Delhi to Dubai stood at Rs 14,000.

Flights originating from Mumbai

The surge in airfare prices is not limited to flights originating from Delhi but also affects those departing from Mumbai.

For instance, the 24-hour advance booking for the cheapest ticket from Mumbai to Leh amounted to Rs 22,500, and Mumbai-Kochi flights cost Rs 20,000.

Eastern and North-Eastern Destinations

Contrary to expectations, flights to eastern and north-eastern destinations, which are usually relatively expensive, have become more affordable. The report cites examples of flights from Mumbai to Kolkata priced at Rs 7,200 and Mumbai to Bagdogra priced at Rs 8,300.

Cheap Mumbai-Delhi Fares

In a surprising turn of events, the fare for flights from Mumbai to Delhi has dropped significantly to as low as Rs 4,700.

This drastic reduction in prices is noteworthy in the context of the overall airfare trends.

Factors Influencing Fluctuations

The factors due to which the surge in pricing can be seen are :

1) Impact of GoFirst’s Absence

The absence of GoFirst, a prominent carrier that ceased operations in early May, has significantly disrupted the demand and supply dynamics in the domestic air travel industry. This upheaval is considered a primary reason behind the abrupt change in flight prices.

2) Seasonal Travel Demand Surge

The months of May and June witness a surge in the number of travelers, as many people plan their vacations during this period. This increased demand for air travel during peak travel months has further contributed to the fluctuation in domestic airfare prices.

The recent surge in domestic airfares on specific routes has impacted travelers, with Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kochi experiencing the highest price spikes. The absence of GoFirst and seasonal travel demand are the key factors driving these fluctuations.

Understanding these dynamics helps shed light on the complexities of airfare pricing and provides insights into the challenges faced by passengers and the industry as a whole.

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