Airlines Company increases Prices of it’s Flight Tickets

In a surprising turn of events, Air India’s airfares have reached unprecedented heights, especially following the airline’s privatization.

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The cost of a single seat on Tuesday’s Air India Nagpur-Mumbai flight has crossed the Rs 39,000 mark, breaking previous records.

Travel agents are quoting an even higher fare of Rs 44,000, which includes their booking charges.

It’s worth noting that flights across the board are experiencing high occupancy during the summer season.

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Consequently, Air India’s flight AI 628 from Nagpur to Mumbai at 7:30 am on Tuesday is almost fully booked.

As of Monday, only two seats in the ‘A’ class remained available for this particular flight, with each seat priced at Rs 39,176 as indicated on the Air India portal.

Local travelers, taken aback by the exorbitant fares, have expressed their surprise and disbelief upon contacting agents for bookings.

To their shock, they were informed that an additional fee of over Rs 4,000 had been added to the base fare.

Even Air India employees find themselves in a quandary due to the excessively high fares.

Meanwhile, other airlines are offering fares between Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 for Tuesday’s Nagpur to Mumbai flights on their respective portals.

This situation raises concerns about the lack of control over airfares.

It’s important to note that the distance between Nagpur and Mumbai is a mere 780 km.

Please note that the above information is a hypothetical rewrite in basic English for a news website and does not reflect actual data or events.

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