WhatsApp Features: Companion Mode, Avatars, Status Reactions, More Features Coming Soon!

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve already witnessed WhatsApp launch a variety of new features, including emoji responses to messages, the ability to move messages to iOS and Android as well as muting certain users on phone calls.

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However, this isn’t all. WhatsApp is also working on some interesting features that could appear on iOS and Android phones soon.

It’s important to remember this feature is being developed and are not yet to be revealed by WhatsApp.

Check out past participants in the group

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WhatsApp are working to see the past members within groups. At present it is only possible to see the current members of the WhatsApp group.

In the near future, you may be able to see the list of those who have left the groupor were removed from the group in the past 60 days.

The list will be available to all members of the group, so that it won’t be restricted to admins of the group.

Status reactions

It is possible respond to the WhatsApp Status, similar to Instagram or Facebook. You can select from any of the available emojis , and your reply will be sent in a text message.

WhatsApp chat updates

Another feature that’s been observed in the works can be a formal “chat” on WhatsApp where the company will unveil new features that will be that will be added into the application, provide information and tips, as well as give details about the app’s capabilities.

WhatsApp Avatars

Instagram as well as Facebook have already launched the Facebook Avatars feature that allows users to create their personalized 3D cartoon and then use it in Stories and chats.

The feature is now available on WhatsApp may soon include support for the identical Facebook Avatars in the application.

It is possible to make use of an avatar as a mask when making a video call, or as stickers.

Hide your online status

There’s a possibility that you’ll want to hide your online activity in case you don’t want to be disturbed while connected to WhatsApp.

This is an essential security feature which users have been asking for over the years. WhatsApp has been observed working on a feature which will allow you to conceal your online activity.

You can choose between two options to choose from: “Everyone” and “Same as Last Seen” which lets you decide who can view your online status when you’re online.

Admin delete

Another feature worth mentioning that WhatsApp are currently developing is admin delete.

This feature is supposed to let group administrators erase any message within the group.

If this feature is made available admins will be able to be in control of their groups. They can decide to erase any message posted by a member. This will erase the message to all group members.

Companion mode

WhatsApp is also set to announce a new companion mode. It is a popular feature. At present, you can only access account on your WhatsApp account on one device and PC.

However, using the Companion mode being under development, you could be able access your WhatsApp account across multiple devices, including devices, smartphones and even your PC.

It isn’t necessary to leave one device to access WhatsApp on another device as well. You may be able to connect another mobile device to the existing WhatsApp account.



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