What is Blue Aadhaar card? How to apply, other details

Aadhaar card is one of mandatory KYC documents required in India for availing of government subsidies and benefits of various government-run welfare schemes.

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It is considered to be an important identity proof document across different sectors as it includes important details of citizens like full name, permanent address, and date of birth, all linked to a unique 12-digit number which is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

In 2018, the UIDAI launched a new type of Aadhaar number, known as ‘Baal Aadhaar’ card. It is blue in colour, unlike the regular white Aadhaar card for adults.

This Blue Aadhaar card contains a 12-digit unique identification number for a child below 5 years.

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Unlike adults, no biometrics will be captured for a child below 5 years. His/her UID be processed on the basis of demographic information and facial photograph linked with the UID of parents.

But the child needs to update his/her biometrics of ten fingers, iris and facial photographs, when he/she turns 5 and again at the age of 15 otherwise it becomes invalid after the child crosses 5 years of age.

The biometric update for the teen Aadhaar cardholders is free.

According to UIDAI, parents can apply for Baal Aadhaar for a newborn.

They can use the birth certificate or the discharge slip of the hospital as a valid document for enrolling the child.

They can also use the school ID of their children to enroll for the Baal Aadhaar card.

Here is the step-by-step guide to get your child registered for the Blue Aadhaar:

1. Go to Aadhaar enrollment centre with your child, but don’t forget to carry important documents like your Aadhaar card, your address proof, and the birth certificate of the child.

2. Get the Aadhaar enrollment form from the centre and fill it up.

3. Give your Aadhaar number details as your Aadhaar number will be liked with the UID of the child.

4. You will need to give your active phone number under which your child’s Blue Aadhaar card will be issued.

5. No biometric information is needed, only a photograph will be clicked by the officials of the Aadhaar enrollment centre.

6. After the photography, the document verification process starts.

7. After verifying the documents, you will get a message on your registered mobile number about the completion of the process.

8. Don’t forget to collect the acknowledgement slip.

9. Within 60 days after the completion of verification, a Blue Aadhaar card will be issued in the name of your child.

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