UK makes Priority and Super Priority Visas available For Indian Students (See Here)

British High Commissioner for India Alex Ellis on Tuesday announced that the United Kingdom has now made Priority and Super Priority visas open to Indian students.

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“There is a significant demand, so we suggest that applying the visa for you as soon as you can with the necessary documents,”

Mr Ellis said in an update to Indian students who are planning to travel to UK. UK for the coming academic session.

“If you’d like to apply for a priority visa that gets you there in a matter of around five days or for a super priority visa that is even faster than the standard priority visa,” he stated on Twitter.

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In addition The British High Commissioner has stated that at present, there is a situation where the United Kingdom is dealing with visa applications in 15 days.

“There is a massive demand. Therefore, please, Indian students great that are looking to relocate in the UK. Apply now, and make sure you have the right documents,” he concluded.

Based on the UK government website according to the UK government website, these are the fastest ways to obtain the approval of a visa.

While the Priority service guarantees a decision on a visa within five working days, with the Super Priority system, the result is able to be made at the end of the next day of work.

Applications made on the last Monday of each week, or the last day of work immediately prior to an official holiday are available to be collected at the conclusion of the following weekday, according to the site states.

The Super Priority service is available as an optional service and is charged an additional cost that is in addition to the Visa cost.

This comes just weeks after Mr Ellis posted his video on Twitter regarding the delays in visa approvals. The British High Commissioner had “apologised” to those affected by it.

In announcing the reason for the delay the High Commissioner stated that there was an “unprecedented increase in the demanded for UK visas following the release of Covid” in addition to “because of world events, specifically that of the Russian incursion into Ukraine.”

The most recent UK Immigration Statistics data, that was released earlier in the month revealed an 89 percent rise in the number of student visas issued to Indians when compared to last year.

It revealed that it has passed China as the nation with the highest number of nationals that is granted sponsored study visas in the UK in the year ending June 2022, with 1.18 lakh visas issued in the period ending in June 2022.

A higher chance of rejection have been reported from the US and Canada particularly.

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