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Twitter announces Edit Feature, but for only Select Users: Details Here

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Twitter Inc will launch the “edit” button for its paid customers in the coming weeks.

According to the blog post on Twitter users who are paying $4.99 monthly for Twitter Blue will soon be allowed to modify the tweets they post “a few times” within 30 minutes of the tweet’s publication.

Since the beginning, Twitter users have repeatedly demanded the possibility of editing their tweets following publication to fix mistakes such as mistakes in the text.

This has led to memes that Twitter would rather launch other product, including newsletters, than give users the most requested feature.

A majority of social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest have for a long time provided features that allow users to edit their posts.

According to reports, edited tweets will be accompanied by an icon and a timestamp that will be displayed when the post had been last modified.

Users can click on the name of the edited tweet to see the edit history and prior versions of the tweet.

“Edit Tweet feature “Edit Tweet feature” is an important addition to microblogging since the number of characters in a tweet was raised from 140 to 280 in the year 2017.

Twitter has played around with different variations of the edit button. Users to Twitter Blue, the company’s paid subscription are currently able to access the feature that stores tweets

until one minute, which allows users to read each tweet, before publishing it “undo” it before the tweet is published.

Twitter Blue can be purchased only available on Australia, Canada, New Zealand as well as the US.

Interestingly Twitter Blue already provides the “Undo Tweet” button to Twitter Blue users.

In this option users have a 30-second window to stop posting tweets if they notice any errors.

Twitter Blue said that they will provide this feature once it has launched an Edit Tweet button. Edit Twitter button.

According to Techcrunch The edit button, eligible users will have a 30 minute time frame to edit their tweets.

The tweet that has been edited will show in the feed with an icon that shows the date and time of the modification.

The editing history of edited tweets can be examined by clicking on the label to display the editing timeline that the tweet.

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