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TCS Recruitment 2022: IT firm invites applications from fresh MBA graduates, check eligibility

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New Delhi: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is inviting applications from fresh MBA graduates who completed their education degrees in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The largest Indian IT company is hiring MBA candidates for FY 2022-23 since last year, with tests commencing on 21st November 2021.

Candidates, however, can still apply under the hiring programme. They will first have to complete online registration, followed by a test and personal interviews.

According to TCS, the test will be conducted in continuous batches depending on the date of registration of the candidate.

TCS MBA Hiring Eligibility 

TCS said on its website that TCS’ Management Hiring initiative is exclusively open for all management graduates who can join its workforce in FY 2022-23.

Candidates who completed their MBA degrees in 2020, 2021 and 2022 can apply for the jobs.

Steps to apply for TCS MBA Hiring:  

Step 1: Interested candidates will first have to visit the TCS Next Step Portal.

Step 2: Candidates will have to register and apply for the TCS MBA Hiring.

Scenario A: If you are already registered on the TCS Next Step Portal, you will have to log in and then complete the application form. Upon submission, you will have to click on the ‘Apply For Drive’ option.

Scenario B: New users will have to click on Register Now option. On that option, you will have to choose the category ‘IT’ and proceed to fill in your details. Candidates can submit their application form and click on the ‘Apply For Drive’ option.

Step 3: In the next step, you will have to select the mode of the test as Remote and click on the ‘Apply’ option.

Step 4: You will have to check ‘Track Your Application’ to confirm the status of your application. The status for a successfully submitted application will be ‘Applied for Drive’.

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