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RTO Sewa: Get Driving License, 57 other RTO Services Online

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has released an updated notification to make it easier for citizens who need to access transport-related services.

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Up to 58 of the citizen-centric services relating to driving licenses conductor license, driving licence registration of vehicles permits,

vehicle registration, transfer of ownership and so on. are now accessible entirely online, removing the requirement to go to the regional transport office.

MoRTH issuing a statement regarding this issue on 16 September 2022 , which increases 18 citizen-centric services up to an additional 58 services.

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58 RTO services are available online in accordance with Aadhaar authentication

These services can be accessed through Aadhaar identification, which is available on a basis of voluntary participation the Ministry stated on Saturday.

The online services that citizens are required to be enrolled in Aadhaar authentication on a voluntary basis include: applications for Learner License and issue duplicating Driving License and renewal of Driving License for which test of driving competence is not necessary.

Additionally, the application for an International Driving Permit, change of address on Conductor License Application for Transfer of Ownership of Motor Vehicle and

many more are included as online services to which the citizen must be undergoing Aadhaar authentication on a voluntary basis.

What happens if someone doesn’t have Aadhaar?

In accordance with the notice issued by the authorities, anyone who does not possess an Aadhaar number can avail this facility in physical forms,

by proving the identity through the submission of an alternative form of identification to the appropriate Authority in accordance with CMVR 1989.

The provision of these services in a completely contactless and non-faceless way would help in saving precious time for citizens and ease the burden of compliance.

Therefore, the number of people who use the RTOs will drastically decrease, which could increase the efficiency of their operation as the ministry stated.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has undertaken a series of reforms geared towards the citizens to make it easier for citizens the provision of transport-related services stated.



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