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Recharge Plans: From Jio to Airtel all 30-day validity pre-paid plans

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) affirms that every mobile operator has complied with its previous directive that required for them to provide at minimum the

option of one voucher for plan (PV) as well as one unique tariff-related voucher (STV) and one combo voucher (CV) with a 30-day/monthly validity in their tariff offerings.

According to TRAI The TRAI states that vouchers for 30 days as well as renewal vouchers that are issued on the same date each month are via the sites of the operators as well as customers can join them.

To remind you, earlier this year, in January, the regulator released modifications in the Telecommunications Tariff Order, mandating service providers to offer 30 days vouchers and monthly prepaid plans that are renewable.

In addition, the authority issued the order in response to feedback from consumers who expressed concerns regarding tariffs that have 28 days’ duration by telecom service providers rather than tariffs with validity of 30 days or one month.

Implementing the directive implies that subscribers who have prepaid accounts are also able to take advantage of similar billing cycles to postpaid ones, which generate a bill every month, no matter the amount of days in the month.

In the past, prior to TRAI order, telecom providers were selling the majority of tariffs with a validity that was 28 / 56 / 84 days.

However, consumers complained that with the validity of 28 days pack, advertised as a monthly package that they would have to make 13 recharges over the course of the course of a year.

If the recharge is carried out on an annual basis, only 12 recharges need to be completed in the period of one year.

Here are the top three plans offered by Jio, Airtel and Vi with a 30 day validity:


Rs296 plans: The plan provides unlimited call and text messaging for free along with 100 texts per day for 30 days of validity. It includes 25GB of data total. Users also receive a free subscription to Jio apps like Jio TV Jio Cinema, Jio Security and JioCloud.

Rs301 plans: The plan provides 50GB of data with 30 days of validity. Jio calls it the Work From Home plan and it’s classified in the category of data voucher.

Jio does not provide free calls or SMS service. However, customers can avail Disneyplus Hotstar Mobile subscription for around Rs149.

Rs241 plans: This plan gives 40GB of data and 30 days of validity. Jio calls it the Work From Home plan and it’s classified under data vouchers. It doesn’t offer free unlimited SMS or calls.

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