Petrol, Diesel to soon come under GST

New Delhi :

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Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Hardeep Singh Puri declared in a statement on Monday that the Central government is prepared to bring diesel and gasoline into the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime.

Hardeep Puri also said that it was improbable that states would be willing to accept the move since alcohol and energy are sources of revenue for conditions.

If the states decide to move forward, “we are ready,” Hardeep Puri said.

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Hardeep Puri said, “For the inclusion of diesel and petrol under the GST states must to reach an agreement.

If states decide to make the change, we’re fully prepared. We’ve been prepared throughout.

I believe that’s the case.

There is a second issue about how to make it happen. This issue should be addressed to the Finance Minister,” Hardeep Puri said.

“It isn’t difficult to comprehend it is that it is not difficult to understand that they (states) earn revenue from of this.

Someone who earns income, why would he decide to leave the business? Energy and liquor are two of the things that generate income.

It’s only the Central government that is concerned about inflation, among other things,” Hardeep Puri added.

Before that, Hardeep Puri had suggested that the Kerala High Court had suggested that the issue be put in GST Council. GST Council.

Hardeep Puri said,

“The Finance minister of the state didn’t agree. In the sense of GST is concerned, your desires and mine aside we’re in a federal system of cooperation.”

Hardeep Puri said India had had the lowest price increases this year to justify the diesel and petrol prices rise.

“I am astonished by your query. More casually, people have asked me when prices are likely to increase.

The truth is that in North America, fuel prices increased by 43 percent in a single year.

In India, the increase was just 2 percent. Suppose there’s any bright spot in the world; that’s India.

This isn’t me saying that; it’s Morgan Stanley. The managing director at IMF declared “this,” Puri said.

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