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New Airport Rule: Number of Handbags allowed reduced to One per Passenger

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New Delhi :

The central govt on January 21 has reduced the number of handbags per passenger to one in order to reduce congestion and security threat at airport.

As per the notification to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the rule is for all the domestic flights in India.

“As per BCAS AVSEC Circular Nos. 06/2000 & Lt12000, no passenger should be permitted to carry more than one hand bag other than those items already listed in the circular including lady’s bag.

However, it has been seen that a passenger on an average carries 2-3 numbers of hand bags to the screening point,” it stated.

Airline may be made responsible and depute staff to guide pax, check and verify their hand bag status etc, before allowing the passenger for Pre-embarkation security checks, it said.

All airlines may be directed suitably to inform pax and to display ‘one hand bag rule’ on their tickets / boarding passes very conspicuously,” the order stated.

The order further stated that airport operators may be instructed to place hoarding / banner/ board / standees displaying the contents of the ‘One hand bag Rule’ near the the check-in counters,

vantage locations before SHA at the airports, so that passengers get sensitized and if required, have an option to switch their extra hand bags to registered baggage.

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