Maruti Suzuki Dzire CSD Prices Compared to Ex-Showroom Prices

New Delhi:

Maruti Suzuki extends its Dzire sedan offerings to soldiers through the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), providing significant GST discounts.

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In June 2024, Maruti Suzuki updated the CSD prices of the Dzire, making it more accessible to servicemen and women across the country.

Here’s a comparison of the current CSD prices with the ex-showroom prices:

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Comparison of CSD and Ex-Showroom Prices

Here’s a detailed comparison between the CSD prices and the ex-showroom prices of Maruti Suzuki Dzire variants,

showcasing the savings available to military personnel

VariantsEx-showroom PriceDifferenceCSD Price
LXI Petrol-ManualRs. 6,56,500Rs. 86,112Rs. 5,70,388
VXI Petrol-ManualRs. 7,49,250Rs. 96,508Rs. 6,52,742
ZXI Petrol-ManualRs. 8,17,250Rs. 1,03,840Rs. 7,13,410
ZXI Plus Petrol-ManualRs. 8,88,750Rs. 1,11,544Rs. 7,77,206
VXI Petrol-AutomaticRs. 7,99,250Rs. 1,07,352Rs. 6,91,898
ZXI Petrol-AutomaticRs. 8,67,250Rs. 1,14,782Rs. 7,52,468
VXI CNG-ManualRs. 8,44,250Rs. 98,398Rs. 7,45,852
ZXI CNG-ManualRs. 9,12,250Rs. 1,06,429Rs. 8,05,821

By purchasing through CSD, soldiers can save between approximately Rs. 86,000 to Rs. 1.14 lakh compared to the standard ex-showroom prices of the Maruti Suzuki Dzire.

This initiative aims to make these vehicles more affordable and accessible to those serving in the armed forces.


Comparing the CSD prices with the ex-showroom prices, Maruti Dzire offers significant savings ranging from approximately Rs. 86,000 to Rs. 1.14 lakh across different variants.

Soldiers benefit from these reduced prices when purchasing through the CSD, making the Dzire a more affordable choice for them.

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