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How to get Duplicate PAN Card Online: See Process

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For each Indian taxpayer, a PAN card is an essential document. Losing or misplacing a PAN card could be very inconvenient.

Cardholders needn’t be concerned in this scenario, however. They are now able to easily obtain an additional PAN card online and use it to perform the same purpose.

The public can get replica PAN cards through the IT Department to use in place of the original document.

In this way many people have a tendency to doubt the legitimacy that the card they have duplicated is legitimate. Then, they make a new application for one.

Be aware the fact that this copy of document enjoys the same legal status as the authentic PAN card.

Cardholders are able to use this document with no issues anywhere. But, getting duplicate PAN card will be a easier process than applying for the new card.

Here’s a step-by step guide in applying for a duplicate PAN online:

How do I apply for an online duplicate PAN card

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the TIN-NSDL that is, https://www.tin-nsdl.com/
Step 2: Then go to the Quick links section at left corner of the page
Step 3: Now click on Online PAN services
Step 4: Select Apply for PAN online option
Step 5: Scroll down and click on Reprint of PAN Card
Step 6: Click on the link provided under the details section
Step 7: Then you will be redirected to the Request to Reprint PAN Card online application page
Step 8: Fill all the required details that is, your PAN number, your Aadhaar number which is linked with your PAN card, your birth month and year
Step 9: Check the information declaration boxes
Step 10: Enter the captcha code and then submit the application form
Step 11: Confirm all the details and choose a mode to receive the OTP
Step 12: Enter the received OTP and then click on Validate
Step 13: Select a mode of payment. It will cost Rs 50 if PAN is to be delivered within India Rs 959 if it is to be delivered outside India
Step 14: Then complete the payment required. An acknowledgement number will be provided for your records.

How to apply for the duplicate PAN card

1. You could request a duplicate card in the event that your original is damaged, lost or stolen.
2. If you wish to alter your address, signature or any other information.

Keep in mind that if you discover that your PAN card gets stolen or lost the first thing you need to do is make an FIR.

It is possible to apply for a replacement PAN online, or in person following having completed the process at your closest police station.

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