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Google’s Nest WiFi Pro 6E Price Leaked before Launch: Check Features & Price

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The latest wifi router from the tech giant Google is now available to B&H and is listed as expected to arrive in the near future.

The router is dubbed Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E Router, according to on the 9to5google site. The device has the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology.

It is an high-end connectivity standard that is able to offer 9.6Gbps in the right conditions.

According to the B&H listing on the B&H listing, the new router is priced at $199 as opposed with $169 on the current Nest Wifi router, and $99.99 for the version that will be which will launch in 2020.

It is currently available. Nest router has a speed that can reach 2.2Gbps. Based on the 9to5google website the 2-pack cost $299.99 and a 3-pack costs $399.99.

The product can be purchased with Snow (white), Linen (light brown) Fog (light blue) and Lemongrass (light green/yellow) color shades.

It’s likely to be a standalone router that isn’t an extender for networks or a Google Assistant speaker.

The device is given the name ‘Pro’, this suggests that the existing Nest Wifi will not be removed.

The major distinction from wifi 6 to 6E lies in the fact that the most recent version has a third range of bandwidth ranging from 6 GHz-7 GHz.

The website, however, stated that the 6E band will not make a significant difference in the speed.

It is expected to be announced during the Made by Google event on October 6, along with other devices like the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro as well as Pixel 7 Pro. Pixel Watch.

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