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Get Up To Rs 27,500 Off On Honda Cars This August (Check Details Here)

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Honda offers a variety of discounts and benefits for the fifth generation City Amaze Jazz as well as the WR-V for August in 2022. We’ll tell the amount you can get for each car in August.

Honda City (Gen 5)

Benefits of up to Rs 27,496

The well-known, spacious and feature-packed midsize sedan made by the Japanese automaker Honda, The Honda City offers the most price this month.

With two engine options The 120hp 1.5-litre VTEC petrol engine is connected to a six-speed manual or CVT auto, while the 100hp 1.5-litre diesel model is available with a manual 6-speed.

Customers can enjoy cash-back discounts of up to 5k or complimentary accessories worth $5,496 as well as incentives for exchange and corporate discounts up to Rs 7,000 and 5,500 and Rs 5,000, respectively.

Honda is also offering discounts of up to Rs 5,000 on the exchange of cars and reward of Rs 5,000 for loyalty reward.

But, Honda is not offering discounts on the newly launched city hybrid.

Honda WR-V

Benefits of up to Rs 27,000

The crossover that is a derivative of the Jazz it sports a taller ride height , distinct style cues, an expansive cabin, as well as a host of convenience features.

As we’ve previously reported the WR-V is expected to stay in stock until March 2023. It is expected to be available until March 2023.

model comes with two options for engines: an 90hp 1.2-litre gasoline engine, mated with five-speed manual gearbox and a 100hp 1.5-litre diesel engine that has an automatic 6-speed.

But, Honda doesn’t offer an automated gearbox on the WR-V. Customers can get discounts on car exchanges that amount to up to Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 as a reward for loyalty.

In addition, the company offers exchange benefits as well as corporate discounts up to Rs 7,000 and 55,000, respectively.

Honda Jazz

Benefits of up to Rs 25,000

The only premium hatchback by Honda The Jazz is driven by only a 90hp 1.2-litre VTEC petrol engine.

It’s coupled to a manual 5-speed or CVT automated transmission. But, it could be pulled from the coming months, possibly in November 2022.

The company offers car exchange incentives worth Rs 10,000, as well as a loyalty reward of 5000 rupees.

Furthermore, the brand is offering exchange benefits as well as corporate discounts as much as Rs. 7,000 or Rs 3000 and Rs 3,000, respectively.

Honda Amaze

Benefits of up to Rs 8,000

The Amaze model, which will receive an mid-life upgrade at the end of 2021 has updated styling elements on the exterior as well as several modern features inside the.

In addition, the compact sedan is mechanically unchanged, in that it’s driven by two engines which include a 90hp 1.2-litre petrol engine as well as a 100hp (80hp when using the auto) 1.5-litre diesel unit connected to five-speed CVT or manual transmissions.

Honda offers the loyalty reward and corporate discounts that amount to approximately Rs 5,000 and Rs 3,000 and Rs 3,000, respectively.

Honda City (Gen 4)

Benefits of up to Rs 5,000

The company continues to offer the older version of the City along with its successor, which has an excellent interior space as well as a comfortable ride.

It was launched in 2014 and is available for sale the fourth-gen City will be taken off the market by the end of this year.

The interested buyers can buy the fourth-gen City in two manual versions of petrol that is specifically those with the SV and V trims that is powered by the 119hp 1.5-litre VTEC engine.

Honda offers only customers a loyalty reward of up to Rs 5,000 for the mid-sized sedan.

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