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Easy 6 Methods to Verify Income Tax Return (See Details Here)

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New Delhi:

In order to complete the filing the ITR You must also check your income tax returns. If you fail to verify the returns within the prescribed period, an ITR is deemed to be invalid.

This ITR that you submitted is for the Assessment year 2022-2023, or Financial year. It is for income earned between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2022.

Take a look at 6 ways to verify your ITR online

1. e-Verify by using digital signature Certificate (DSC)

2. e-Verify after generating Aadhaar OTP

3. e-Verify using existing Aadhaar OTP

4. Verify your e-Verification using the the existing Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

5. e-Verify after creating Electronic Verification Code (EVC) via Bank Account

6. e-Verify following the generation of Electronic Verification Code (EVC) via Demat Account
The deadline for filing tax returns the fiscal 2021-22 ended July 31st 2022.

The Revenue Tax department announced posted on August 1, tweeting that around 5.83 million ITRs for the AY 22-23 fiscal year were completed by July 31, 2022.

“New record for Income Tax Department as over 72.42 lakh ITRs filed on a single day i.e on 31st July, 2022, ” ITR tweet reads.

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