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ATM Lost or Stolen? Step by Step Guide to Block your SBI ATM Card

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In case of theft and misplacement of their debit cards, SBI customers can report the matter to the Bank so that the processing of any further transactions can be stopped immediately.

Customers can block their debit card immediately by calling the customer care number, visiting a bank branch, or through Internet banking.

According to the SBI website, below are the essential points to note before blocking your SBI debit card:

A- If your debit card is misplaced or lost, you can block the card using this functionality.

B- Before proceeding, please ensure you have registered your mobile number with the Bank.

C- If Mobile No. & Account No. Are valid, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile.

D- Enter the OTP received on your mobile. All cards issued in the account will be displayed (partially masked).

E- Please select the card number you want to block and click on the submit button.

F- Caution! Once a card is blocked, you cannot unblock it online.

How to block SBI debit card from the website (direct link)

Step 1: Visit https://retail.onlinesbi.sbi/retail/blockatmcard.htm

Step 2: Enter the account number. Select the country. Enter the registered mobile number. Enter the captcha image. Click on submit.

Call on the toll-free number.

Calling the Bank’s toll-free numbers, 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800, is the quickest way to block your SBI ATM/debit card.

By following the instructions, you get after dialing the toll-free number, you can stop your card.


Additionally, you can disable your SBI ATM/debit card by sending a predefined SMS message to the Bank.

Send BLOCK XXXX, where XXXX is the final four digits of the debit card number, to 567676 to disable your ATM card.

The cellphone number associated with the bank account must be used to send the SMS.

You’ll get a confirmation SMS after the Bank has received the SMS.

The SMS notification will include the ticket number, blocking date, and blocking time.

By visiting the bank branch

An ATM cardholder can visit their nearest branch and request the bank official to block their ATM-cum-debit card.

Debit card charges

At the time of application or renewal, the yearly card costs will be deducted from the primary account associated with the card.

According to the SBI terms and conditions, “The cardholder shall always maintain a minimum balance in the designated account, as Bank may stipulate from time to time.

Bank reserves the right at any time to charge the cardholder for the issue or reissue of a Card and any fees/charges for the transactions carried out by the cardholder on the card.”

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