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Apple Will Not Accept Card Payments For Subscriptions, App Purchases

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American Multinational Tech Company, Apple has now modified its payment accepting system.

The company is no longer accepting debit cards and credit cards as the mode of payment by the users for subscriptions and app purchases.

The users will now have to switch to another method to pay for their subscribed services as they can’t use cards to pay using their Apple Id in India.

RBI Directives

Apple has made these modifications to its payment method last month, but they are still in progress and are being made their way to the consumers across the country.

There are two core reasons or we can say issued RBI directives behind Apple’s new changes. One directive was issued about “auto-debit mandates” and another issued for “card tokenization”.

The RBI directive for ‘Auto Debit Mandates’ which is live from October 2021, suggests that the recurring payment on debit and credit cards can only be made after the validation from the customer and the payment notification will be given before 24 hrs.

The second directive which was for Card Tokenization and will be in effect from July 1, suggests that all the companies that are storing the data of consumers on their websites or apps will have to format the data completely.

Apple Updates About The Info

As an update about the situation, Apple on its support page on April 18, said, “Regulatory requirements in India apply to the processing of recurring transactions.

If you hold an Indian debit or credit card and you have a subscription, these changes impact your transactions. Some transactions might be declined by banks and card issuers.”

Use of Apple ID Wallet

Apple suggested using Apple ID Wallet for transactions to the developers offering auto-renewable subscription services on their apps.

And also for the consumers, the company is suggesting the same, the use of the Apple ID wallet can help them to again subscribe to the services provided by the iPhone apps.


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