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Antodaya Ration Cardholders to Get Free Health Treatment (How to apply?)

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New Delhi: There are numerous schemes running that provide direct benefits to the most remote members of the society. In order to provide them with economic and assistance government is in the process of improving the programs.

The government is also launching new schemes according to market demands. The government has also introduced an additional facility that provides the free treatment for certain people in the country.

Are you wondering who is eligible to take advantage of this scheme? Here are the specifics of whether you’ll be able to avail the benefit of this plan or not. If yes, what will you do? Let’s figure it out.

Eligibility requirements

If you’ve received the free ration from the state government scheme or the central government scheme, then you’ll be eligible to enjoy the advantages that this plan offers.

How do I use the benefits of this scheme?

The beneficiaries of Antodaya Ration card holders will be required create an Ayushman card to receive free treatment for patients.

How to create the Ayushman card?

The government has made a decision that Ayushman cards are to be issued to ensure the free treatment to all Antodaya card holders with ration cards. A massive campaign has been initiated through the federal government.

You can also create the card through Jan Suvidha Kendra. The Kendra is also authorized to create the card.

All Ayushman cardholders will be granted free treatment in any hospital affiliated to the government.

It is not possible for anyone to avail the benefit under this program unless they’ve been granted the benefit of Antodaya Anna Yojana from the government.

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