Android based OrangePi OS for Laptops Announced in India

Orange Pi, a software company based in Shenzhen Xulong, has just unveiled its brand-new Android-based laptop operating system.

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The recently unveiled OS looks like a cross between Windows and Android, as it is based on Android but has a more Windows-like appearance and feel.

It includes all the fundamental features a desktop-oriented operating system should have.

According to the company, the primary goal of developing the Orange Pi OS was to provide customers,

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particularly those familiar with Windows and macOS—two of the most well-known desktop operating systems—with a comfortable and seamless user experience.

Because it is built on top of the Android OS, its users may benefit from many apps available. We don’t know much about the OS’s overall device support.

The Orange Pi 800 keyboard PC works with the latest operating system version.

Support for the Orange Pi 5 SBC will be added soon.

The operating system is said to be based on Android 12.

We are unaware of any Android 12 SDK for the RK3399 chipset, so this could be a brand error.

Orange Pi OS (OH), an Open Harmony variant, and Orange Pi OS (Arch), an Arm version of Arch Linux, will be released next year.

When it comes to the highlights of the Orange Pi OS, it provides a Windows-like experience with a UI that has a similar overall appearance.

The operating system also has sophisticated and one-of-a-kind privacy management capabilities.

It already has Google Play Store installed, allowing users to access various applications quickly.

The company has also stated that it will soon offer a feature allowing users to switch between Windows and macOS-inspired styles and themes rapidly.

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