Air India Express starts Two New Flights between Bengaluru and Mangaluru

Air India Express (AIE) is making travel better by adding two new flights that connect Bengaluru to Mangaluru.

This starts from Wednesday, November 15, and the winter schedule promises more options, connecting not only these two cities but also linking to Chennai, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram, and Varanasi, according to a statement from Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) on Tuesday.

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MIA officials are looking forward to many more people using their flights within the country due to this new addition to their schedule.

The times for the flights are made to be easy for customers and connect smoothly to flights going to other countries.

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Flight IX 782 will start its trip from Varanasi at 8 am, reaching Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) at 10.30 am.

After a short break of 55 minutes without changing planes, it will leave KIA at 11.10 am and reach MIA by 12.10 pm.

The Varanasi-Mangaluru connection is available for only 10 days, until November 25.

But, from November 26, the flight will smoothly connect Chennai to Mangaluru through Bengaluru. The timings for other flights will be shared later.

Additionally, Air India has requested 470 airplanes to support the Indian economy and is expected to get a new airplane every six days for the next 18 months, as mentioned by CEO and MD Campbell Wilson on Friday.

He shared this information at the 67th Assembly of Presidents of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines.

“We have new planes, we are hiring a lot of new team members, improving our training program, and there’s more to be done.

We are making good progress,” he mentioned. Talking during a meeting, Wilson mentioned that most Air India customers value reliability and being on time.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with what they expect.

Also, they are using new airplanes for flights to other countries, and many of the planes that were not in use have been fixed, said Wilson.

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